The Benefits of Hot Tubs & Aromatherapy Bath Salts

20th Aug 2014

Benefits of Hot Tubs/Spas

  1. Hot water increases blood flow and circulation; the more blood that is pumped through trained muscles the better, and there is no better way to do this than spending a few minutes in a hot tub. A quick session of about 10-15 minutes will jumpstart the recovery process and take away much of the post-workout discomfort that is commonly felt by athletes. If you are able to do so, even taking a quick dip before exercising will be beneficial, as this will loosen your muscles and assist in the warm-up phase.
  2. Mental relaxation; physical stress is not the only thing athletes have to contend with. Being nervous and anxious before an event and feeling mentally exhausted afterwards is not uncommon; a spa session can help induce a meditative state that is needed for optimal performance. Many trainers advise their clients to partake in aromatherapy (the use of natural, aromatic chemicals in conjunction with hot tubs) for this reason.

Benefits of Aromatherapy Bath Salts

  1. A natural remedy for aches & pains
  2. Anti-inflammatory to help increase circulation
  3. Muscle relaxants for tension and stress
  4. Enhances self-healing capabilities
  5. Helps eliminate toxins
  6. Skin pampering moisturizers
  7. Water softening
  8. Fragrance longevity